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What Is Thirty Five

What is Thirty Five?

In three words: We Code Hope.
Want some more words? How about these:
Trustworthy, Diligent, Faithful, Creative, Reliable, Confident, Smart and Resourceful.

The name Thirty Five is a play on words and it’s an adaptation from our favorite Bible verse:

Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Our goal is to help accomplish your goals and objectives with custom software solutions.   We execute and code independently or with your team.  Trust is key to us.  Your business objectives are important.  Trust us to get what you need done.

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FastTribe Marketing Platform

One platform with interactive content tools to engage, convert and reward your tribe.

Our tools will help grow your tribe and increase your reach and revenue.


Easy tools your tribe can use to share your message and promote your mission.


One time and recurring monthly subscriptions to increase your donations.


Awesome landing pages that display on any device to promote your brand.


Track which tribe members are driving the most engagement.


Send broadcast texts and allow segmented tribe members to send group texts.


Give your tribe the ability to cross-market, promote and co-brand your content and message.


Manage, track and segment your tribe into various profile types and roles.


Create and track personalized, segmented emails to your tribe.

The 3:5 Process


We solve problems in new ways. We take a different view at the root of a problem to determine the best path to solve it. Coding is easy, knowing the problem is what matters.

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We are problem solvers, critical thinkers and extremely efficient. We are able to tackle and solve problems faster and better because of our shared experience and knowledge.

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Decades of combined experience in countless technologies and methodologies. We leverage our best practices to get things done for you on time and on budget.

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Thirty Five - The 3:5 Process

Virtual Development Teams

Looking for a true Software Development Partner?

Trust Thirty Five.

When you need a software development partner, trust Thirty Five.  Our expertise and ability to get things done will WOW you and your stakeholders.   Whether you are a funded start-up or a large enterprise, we have solutions that will bring your need to market fast and on budget.

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Certified Solutions Advisor

Thirty Five is Growing! Join Our Team of Local Advisors.

If you're ready to make a difference in your local community by serving clients and helping to bring leading technology to market, we need to talk.

  • Become a Certified Solutions Advisor

    Are you ready to take your life and career to a new level? Thirty Five offers an exciting opportunity to take control of your life and schedule and own your own business by becoming a Certified Solutions Advisor.

  • Put Your Expertise To Work

    Thirty Five is actively growing our team of Certified Solutions Advisors. We offer a fun and timely training system to get you certified and on track to have more control over your life while helping clients solve real world business problems.

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Want to allow segmented groups to communicate via text? Need a way to broadcast text your tribe or segments of your tribe?

Need a way to allow your tribe to cross-market or co-brand your message? How are you enabling your tribe to help promote your brand?

Do you need simple tools to manage your tribe? Looking for easy options to segment and profile your tribe members?

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Bill Wolfe

Doing what you say you're going to do, keeping your word, treating people with respect and all the while casting vision and leading others... that's Integrity + Leadership.

Our goal is to help you grow and cultivate your tribe – online and offline. Trust is key to us. Your tribe is important. Trust us to grow tribes.

We create custom websites and offer simple web and social marketing tools for growing organizations. The tools we use include the latest web standards and technologies. We love Microsoft web technologies including ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server.

Thoughts on social leadership, technology, business, tentmaking and living wholeheartedly.

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